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As a teacher, Hanna aims to help her students develop the critical thinking, listening, and emotional skills that can be learned through studying music.

Studying music and playing the viola can be an incredibly joyful, fulfilling, and challenging facet of a person’s life. The ability to add to her student’s lives in this way is what drives Hanna’s passion for teaching.

Hanna’s primary teachers include Ivo Van Der Werff, Joan DerHovsepian, and Katherine Murdock. She has played in masterclasses for Li-Kuo Chang, Roger Meyers, Peter Slowik, and James Dunham. Her schooling has equipped her with experience studying much of the major viola solo and etude repertoire, extensive knowledge of orchestral excerpt preparation, an in-depth exploration of sound production, and knowledge of body awareness and injury prevention.

In addition to viola, she teaches violin lessons! To inquire about private lessons, use the link above.